Tellabs, the leader in the Optical LAN marketplace and a trusted provider of broadband access solutions to many of the world's leading networks, announced its formation as an independent company in January of 2014. We are focused on delivering the ultimate communications solutions to global enterprise and government customers with our network of industry leading partners.

As a company in the Marlin Equity Partners $2.6B portfolio, Tellabs is focused on two distinct solutions for our customers. First, we continue to disrupt the traditional LAN market in both enterprise and government with our innovations in Optical LAN technologies. Additionally, we continue to serve traditional telecom carriers by providing the essential equipment and services to support critical last mile applications.

Our significant investments in Optical LAN research and development and superior customer service are key success factors behind Tellabs. Fiber optics is replacing copper in all types of networks. In addition to delivering more bandwidth, fiber optics are more cost-effective since fiber cables have an expected lifetime in excess of 25 years, reducing costs of future upgrades. Optical LAN handles voice, data, video, wireless access points, security, building automation and other network needs and it's a green alternative to a copper-based LAN. Our solution is purpose-built to deliver a Simple, Secure, Stable, Scalable, and Sustainable, high-performance enterprise network. This is the result of our targeted customer focus and commitment to providing the right solution with the highest customer value.

Additional benefits of our Optical LAN solution include:

  • Significant reduction of capital and operating expenses
  • Lower power consumption and the thermal load impact on buildings
  • Increased security of LAN communications
  • Satisfy green environmental goals and increase LEED accreditation levels
  • Long-term savings by future-proofing your network infrastructure
  • Additional space in the data center and elimination of communications closets
  • Converge data, voice, and video services into a single solution

Headquartered in Naperville, IL the company employs 90 people in offices around the globe. The company works with leading system integrators and distributors as part of its go-to market strategy in providing the new Enterprise Networks.

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