We hold ourselves to high standards of governance and ethics

"Do the right thing," says our chairman and co-founder, Mike Birck

We recognize that trust and transparency shape our reputation more than anything else.

Business ethics have shaped Tellabs' culture since day one. We uphold our responsibility to make good, ethical decisions in everything we do.

As our chairman and co-founder Mike Birck has stressed to employees for more than 30 years, our culture is built on the idea, "Do the right thing."

Tellabs values extend that key principle. We strive to:

  • Be our customers' trusted partner
  • Relentlessly innovate for success
  • Be accountable
  • Act with respect and integrity
  • Grow profits and shareholder value.

Tellabs Code of Conduct states our expectations for management, Board of Directors and employees. Each year they pledge their commitment to this code.

Tellabs provides confidential ways to report activities that may violate our policies and guidelines.

Employee data privacy

Employees trust Tellabs to secure their personal information. Tellabs has controls and policies in place to ensure data privacy.