Smart backhaul key to supporting complex networks

“Het net” is the latest buzz term in the mobile industry.

Yet, the fact is that most of today’s mobile networks are heterogeneous networks, or het nets, of some kind. Operators around the world support both 2G and 3G technologies as a minimum, and a growing number of markets now support 4G.

This complexity creates challenges, as the implications of this environment are significant. Operators need to manage their infrastructure investment in a way that provides the best end-user experience while at the same time ensuring that there is an appropriate return on investment for LTE.

 Multiple bearer technologies help operators meet the demand for high-speed mobile data access and traditional telephony services. But they also add cost, in terms of both capital and operational expenditure. In addition, they encourage greater use of OTT and other services that drive consumption without financial return for operators.

Operators must combat this.

The right backhaul deployments:

  • Enable traffic to efficiently pass through operators’ networks, despite variances in protocols and traffic priority. For minimizing traffic management costs, this is vital.
  • Leverage reuse of embedded assets as new generations of mobile infrastructure arise.
  • Support increases in bandwidth and sessions in a way that scales seamlessly with the needs of the operator.
  • Are capable of supporting new types of traffic and services, such as FMC and M2M.

Smart backhaul solutions are also essential in helping operators make the most of their network assets. The right backhaul solutions enable operators to provide subscriber access to highly valued OTT services.

All this enables operators to retain control of their network, grow revenues and strengthen their ability to attract and retain subscribers. In challenging economic times and a period of great change for the industry, these steps are vital for operators.

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