Getting perspective in your network

What if a service provider could predict exactly when and where its network capacity was going to be needed?

What if a service provider can view how the network is behaving from the base station to the RNC and determine performance as it relates customers? 

Sound impossible? Well, it’s not.

New analytical tools enable mobile service providers to be more proactive in managing their user experience and their networks.  With these tools, they now have readily available information about their networks. They can conduct root-cause analysis to identify cases of, and resolutions for, over-capacity.

And they can do this analysis often before the user even realizes the problem exists.

A change of perspective

Managing network capacity is critically important. However, there is a huge gap between the network’s perspective and the customer.

Looking solely at the network for information can put service providers in a reactive mode.  Providers may not know they have a problem until the customers call to complain.

In the face of fierce competition and advanced services, providers need to look first at overall service performance and how it affects subscriber quality of experience. Then, they must manage the network to enhance that experience. 

Service performance is a holistic view of network statistics as it relates to customers—for example, capacity or packet drops occurring in the specific data path from the base station through backhaul to the core of an enterprise customer.

With the right analytical tools, service providers can measure the customer experience in ways that helps engineers to stay ahead of the game. Rather than adding more capacity or using a band-aid fix, engineers can perform precise root-cause analyses and  solve underlying network problems.

New advanced analytics solutions enable service providers to obtain greater control over network quality and the user experience. By better managing the service performance in the context of customer experience, service providers can enhance:

  • Revenue
  • The power of their brands in the marketplace
  • Their chances for long-term competitive success.

To learn more about how to use real-time data to improve your network, view the Tellabs® Insight Analytics? Services video.