Tellabs Unsung Heroes from our Asia-Pacific Team

At Tellabs, we pride ourselves in staying true to our company values — be our customers' trusted partner, relentlessly innovate for success, be accountable, act with respect and integrity and grow profits and shareholder value.  

We would like to pay tribute to three of our team members that continually go above and beyond in making these values a reality.

A closer look at the Tellabs Foundation

The Tellabs Foundation made its grantmaking debut in 1997 with two gifts totaling $40,000. Sixteen years later, this private foundation (a separate entity from Tellabs) has given more than $16 million back to the community.

Our mission has remained consistent over time. We’re focused on advancing strategic initiatives in health, the environment and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.

AT&T reminds texters: It Can Wait

Texting while driving is dangerous. 97% of teens know it's risky, but 43% admit they've done it, according to a recent survey by AT&T.

Teens and adults alike may feel compelled to check their phones when behind the wheel. But texting while driving is a terrible idea. Even texting at a stoplight can distract, putting drivers -- and everyone around them -- at risk.

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