QoS in your backhaul spells QoE for your customers

As every mobile operator knows, one of the best ways to stand out from the competition is to deliver the highest-possible subscriber quality of experience (QoE). Consistent, top-notch QoE translates into reduced customer churn, higher average revenue per user (ARPU) and stronger long-term profitability. Yet delivering that kind of QoE is a tough challenge.

SON is ready to rise in mobile backhaul networks

According to Infonetics, the primary reasons to deploy SON (self-organizing networks) are OpEx reduction, improvement in capacity, quality, network performance, and small cell usage. I have been hearing exactly the same message in my discussions with service providers all over the world. The fundamental goal of SON is to minimize the network lifecycle-related cost.

Layered mobile backhaul architecture supports network scalability and easy management

Mobile backhaul architecture should be designed according to the needs of the carried services. One way to do this is for operators to look to the traffic volume distribution among the cell sites. Feedback that we’ve received from operators suggests that, typically, well over 50% of traffic volumes originate from cell sites in urban regions.

Industry analysts predict the major telecom trends for 2013

At the Tellabs 2012 Industry Analyst Conference, we asked analysts from around the globe their thoughts on growing telecom trends as we move into 2013.

When we’ve interviewed analysts on this topic in the past, clear themes have emerged. This year, however, analysts offered varying predictions, covering many corners of the telecom industry.

Cloud computing, and the opportunities it creates, came up more than once, with one analyst going so far as to say “The cloud could alter the [mobile] ecosystem.” Some predict new, tough competition for service providers from the likes of Google and Amazon, whose services are disrupting their traditional business models.

One thing is clear—2013 will bring the telecom industry a whole new set of exciting opportunities and challenges.

Click here to watch the video of industry analysts making their 2013 predictions.

The day that Netflix came to town

Video is everywhere today. PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” for example, was uploaded on the Internet in July, and now it’s the most downloaded video in the history of YouTube.

It amazes me: how can one video become such a hit on television shows, at school dances, and, of course, at Christmas parties? And there are plenty of other "Gangnam"-inspired YouTube videos, including farmers, prisoners and newlyweds copying the dance!

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