Student Housing Expert Transforms Five New Campuses with Optical LAN

It’s no secret that campus networks are struggling to meet bandwidth needs of college students. To solve this, according to the 2014 State of ResNet report by ACUTA, NACUBO and ACUHO-I, more campuses are opting to strengthen bandwidth management to cope with increased demand.

Optical LAN Gets the Cheer From the Stands

If you’ve been following our blog, you already know how Optical LAN improves college campus networks. From ensuring that the network can handle the skyrocketing bandwidth needs during streaming March Madness games to supporting the large number of connected devices students use, Optical LAN has already transformed campus networks.

How Many Nines of Availability Do You Really Need?

For modern businesses, LAN uptime is essential. When unplanned downtime happens, employee productivity and critical data gets lost, which costs businesses a lot of money. Gartner estimates that cost of network downtime per hour for large corporations is $42,000, with annual losses exceeding $3.6 million.

Webinar: How Optical LAN Solves Tomorrow's Connectivity Challenges

Today’s modern organizations are looking to deploy wireless systems such as Wi-Fi and DAS to improve their connectivity. But, they may not realize they should also consider evolving their LAN. Only by having the right LAN infrastructure as the connectivity foundation in place, they get the availability, security, scalability and performance they need to meet the new connectivity demands of their networks. 

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