John Hoover
Sr. Product Manager, Access

John Hoover is senior product manager for access products at Tellabs. In this role, he is responsible for product line management and marketing for all access products including the Optical LAN solutions.

Previously, John held multiple roles in Tellabs’ access division, where he influenced major industry milestones such as early RBOC PON deployments, telecom video implementations, Optical LAN adoption and SARDANA research. For the past decade, he has provided application engineering and product management for IP, Ethernet, PON, DSL, voice, video, data network, transport network and wireless network technologies. He has provided design and implementation for enterprises, MDU, education, hospitality, healthcare, cable, wireless and wireline service provider projects ranging from thousands of dollars to billions of dollars.

John has more than 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Minor in Economics from California State University Long Beach School of Business.

Blog Posts:

The Smart Answer to a Simple Question: How to Improve Your Network?

I recently participated in a panel for the inaugural Lightwave Optical Innovation Summit, where experts from the networking space discussed the role fiber should play in future local area networks (LANs) and why. With all the wired and wireless critical services that relies on a strong network connection, it’s clear that there’s growing excitement about where Optical LAN fits in the networking landscape.

The Simple Solution to Your Network Management Challenges

What drives our customers to seek an alternative to the traditional, copper-based LAN? To start, for many, network management is a time-consuming process that requires IT staff to physically travel across a campus - or even a city - to make moves, adds and changes (MAC) to the network at a specific telecom closet. Imagine what it would be like if the IT manager didn’t have to do that and could manage the entire network from the comfort of his or her desk.

Optical LAN Steals the Show at HITEC 2014

HITEC 2014, the world’s largest hospitality technology event, wrapped up two weeks ago and we’re still feeling the buzz. With hotels and resorts under pressure to keep pace with evolving network infrastructure needs, it comes as no surprise that Optical LAN stood out as the right solution to this challenge.

In fact, a major international hotelier was heavily promoting Optical LAN at HITEC. This sparked interest amongst other hoteliers, property owners, service providers and a wide range HITEC attendees that wanted to know what the buzz was all about. So - what is it about fiber optics, or Optical LAN, that gets everyone excited?

Offset the Cost of DAS with Optical LAN

From airports to sports stadiums, through college and healthcare campuses, to hotels, resorts and large enterprises, guests and employees expect reliable wireless coverage. To improve the capacity and coverage of their 3G and 4G/LTE networks to keep end users satisfied, these facilities have been relying on distributed antenna systems (DAS) technology. But, a DAS network is expensive to install, with facility owners arguing it’s not their responsibility to pay for it.

Enter Optical LAN.

Optical LAN and Wi-Fi: Friends, not Foes

In the midst of the BYOD and Internet of Things era, corporate LANs are being tested by the sheer number of wireless devices and their associated bandwidth needs like never before. On top if this, it’s not just the tablets and smartphones. Modern Wi-Fi networks must also support building security, automation and environmental controls. That’s no small feat.

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