Jonathan Abon
Group Product Line Manager--Tellabs Insight Analytics

Sorry, Jonathan Abon is no longer with Tellabs. Comments on his posts will still be acknowledged, just not by the original author.

Blog Posts:

Mobile World Congress 2013: Network intelligence drives successful SDN deployments

Anyone who attended Mobile World Congress (MWC)’13 will tell you one acronym ruled the event: SDN. ACG Research’s Ray Mota tweeted he was sure he’d find an SDN lunch special on the menu as his SDN-mentions counter neared 300.

Tellabs Insight Analytics is my main focus, so I was especially interested in what mobile operators had to say about network intelligence and how it relates to SDN.

Subjects: Analytics

Network performance: are you getting the whole picture?

I always get excited around this time of year. As much as my romantic side enjoys the romance (and chocolates) around Valentine's Day, the geek in me gets happier towards the end of the month. Because it's almost time for Mobile World Congress.

This year Tellabs has something special to share, something that I know excites my fellow geeks: analytics.

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