Two Ways to Enhance Troubleshooting

As networks continue to evolve with new technologies, the real skill often lies in not deploying but in managing these fluid, complex networks.

With networks becoming more dynamic and packet-based, there’s a clear trend to converge network management into a system that provides visibility across the entire network—including new and legacy technologies.

SON is ready to rise in mobile backhaul networks

According to Infonetics, the primary reasons to deploy SON (self-organizing networks) are OpEx reduction, improvement in capacity, quality, network performance, and small cell usage. I have been hearing exactly the same message in my discussions with service providers all over the world. The fundamental goal of SON is to minimize the network lifecycle-related cost.

Layered mobile backhaul architecture supports network scalability and easy management

Mobile backhaul architecture should be designed according to the needs of the carried services. One way to do this is for operators to look to the traffic volume distribution among the cell sites. Feedback that we’ve received from operators suggests that, typically, well over 50% of traffic volumes originate from cell sites in urban regions.

Let the SON shine in mobile backhaul networks

You may be familiar with the concept of self-organizing networks (SON) in radio access networks (RANs). Since 2009, network operators have incorporated SON technology into their RANs in an effort to:

  • increase automation
  • reduce capital expenses (CapEx)
  • reduce operational expenses (OpEx).

While SON can automate the network functions at the base station site, this solves only one part of the overall challenge for service providers. In order to get the full benefit of SON, operators must consider both radio and mobile backhaul network pieces.

Getting perspective in your network

What if a service provider could predict exactly when and where its network capacity was going to be needed?

What if a service provider can view how the network is behaving from the base station to the RNC and determine performance as it relates customers? 

Sound impossible? Well, it’s not.

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