Upgrade Your Hotels and Resorts to Optical LAN and Increase ROI

Following a recession that started in 2009, the US hospitality industry is finally starting to grow at a normal rate. As it continues to recover and the demand for its services grows, hotels and resorts are searching for new ways to lower costs and increase revenues. What hotels are often not aware of is that these goals can be easily achieved by simply switching to an all-fiber based network infrastructure, also known as passive Optical LAN.

Cut Downtime Cost by 99% with Optical LAN and Save Millions

Unplanned IT downtime can cost your business millions of dollars a year, and downtime costs are growing. In 2010, businesses lost on average $5,600 per minute in an outage, according to Emerson Network Power. This is a frightening number, but in just over 3 years, the cost of downtime has increased 41%. Businesses now lose an average of $7,900 a minute in an unplanned outage.

How can you prevent this loss?

Optical LAN: The Cure to All Healthcare ICT Challenges

Healthcare facilities are going through rapid changes. Not only must they support the newest technologies, but they also must prepare to meet the medical needs of a community for decades to come. But through all this change, the technology backbone in a hospital, known as the local area network (LAN), has remained the same.

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