National Healthcare IT Week: Improve the Health of Your IT with Optical LAN

Did you know that next week, the 9th annual National Health IT Week is taking place? Between September 15-19, health IT organizations across the country will join, conducting their own local events and activities to demonstrate the progress they are making to improve healthcare delivery through the adoption of health IT. They will also work together to educate industry and policy stakeholders on the value of health IT for the U.S. healthcare system.

BICSI Fall 2014: How to Build a LAN to Match the Connectivity Needs of a Modern Enterprise

The 2014 BICSI Fall Conference & Exhibition is just around the corner. As the premier event for advancing the ICT industry, its conference agenda is packed with new ideas and best practices for attendees to gain skills, build new opportunities and learn about the latest solutions. As the leader in passive optical networks for the enterprise, Tellabs can’t be missing from the lineup.

How to Reduce Wireless Traffic Jams in Schools

With the rise of tablets and smartphones, wireless networks in schools are under pressure. To further improve the quality of digital learning, a number of government initiatives are in place to connect even more students and teachers. For example, the L.A. Unified school district made an effort to supply 700,000 students and teachers with an iPad, a project worth of $1 billion.

Subjects: Optical LAN

Take Your Network Security to Another Level with Panorama PON Manager

One of the many appealing features of Tellabs’ Optical LAN is our Panorama PON Manager that provides a centralized intelligence and element management system across the entire LAN. In a recent blog, we addressed the system’s simplicity. But, the PON Manager further improves the network’s security. How?

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