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Today's global enterprises are looking for new and better ways to manage their networks, ways that are flexible and adaptable so they can also address their future needs. They are experiencing an unprecedented change — convergence of information, operations, and telecommunications technology while facing budget and staffing constraints. But as your LAN (Local Area Network) requirements increase, so do costs.

Tellabs Optical LAN replaces copper-based LAN with the same features and functionality, simplifies your LAN solution and provides the network to meet your future requirements. Optical LAN handles voice, data, video, wireless access points, security, building automation and other network needs. It's a green alternative to a copper-based LAN and it is a more secure, future proof, proven technology that saves you money.

We offer:

  • Optical LAN technology that delivers bandwidth-intensive services while providing the network to meet your future needs
  • Optical LAN provides greater stability and scalability providing 100Mbps to one Gigabit services to support the increasing demand for access to corporate data and applications
  • Robust security with no user data in end points
  • Expert Global Services to strategically design, implement and manage growing networks

Enterprise benefits:

  • Rapidly turn up new enterprise services and locations. Increase the amount and types of traffic you can quickly provision.
  • Converge all services: Converge all data, voice, and video services into single IP/Ethernet LAN network using Optical LAN technology
  • Optical LANs scale from small to large campus networks & campus deployments benefit from a significant reduction of electronics
  • 30km Distance Reached over Passive, Un-Managed, Un-Powered and Highly Reliable Optical Distribution Network
  • Integrated smart/intelligent building services

Tellabs providing the new Enterprise Networks to meet Tomorrow's Challenges

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