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Can a microsecond make the difference between success and failure, profit and loss? For enterprises that rely on networks to deliver loads of critical data, the answer is "yes."

In business, bandwidth-intense applications are now the norm. Enterprises are constantly evaluating between capacity, speed, scalability, control, security and operating expenses for their evolving business needs. Tellabs® Optical Solutions provide highly reliable carrier-class applications to both service providers offering business services and to enterprises who wish to operate their own network.

Smart service providers and companies who build their own network turn to Tellabs for network solutions that are easy to deploy and manage. Offer the services your customers want with support for multiple data types. Easily move or add bandwidth where and when it's needed. Guarantee service level agreements. Continue to get the most out of existing network investments. Then, migrate to IP/Ethernet services when the time is right.

We offer:

  • Optical LAN technology that delivers bandwidth-intensive services while cutting costs and saving energy
  • Optical wavelength and data services including VPLS, Ethernet Virtual Private Line and low latency wavelength
  • Flexible topology and deployment options to meet specific needs
  • New IP/Ethernet services to reduce operating costs
  • Dedicated private networks
  • Expert Global Services to strategically design, implement and manage growing networks.

Enterprise benefits

  • Rapidly turn up new enterprise services and locations. Increase the amount and types of traffic you can quickly provision.
  • For service providers, increase competitiveness with flexible service-level agreements. Reliably handle a variety of your customers' traffic types on virtually unlimited bandwidth.
  • Lower total cost of ownership. Reduce capital expenses 20% to 70%; cut operating expenses 40% to 80%.
  • Converge all services: Converge all data, voice, and video services into single IP/Ethernet LAN network using Optical LAN technology
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