Profit from mobile Internet growth

Build a smarter network as you evolve to 4G and LTE

The mobile Internet changes everything. People expect mobile devices to deliver the content, applications and network experience they get from personal computers. And why not? Smartphone sales grow 30% every year and computing capacity increases. We take for granted the power of the devices we casually pocket or toss in a bag.

Tellabs® Mobile Solutions helps you meet those expectations and operate more efficiently. Twenty years of experience with 400 mobile networks worldwide means we know how to squeeze out expenses, enhance user experiences and scale for future growth.

With Tellabs mobile backhaul, you can migrate to packet technology, upgrade to 3G and 4G services and monetize the mobile Internet. Our 3G, 4G and LTE solutions lower costs, meet capacity demands and help you profit from the mobile Internet — with carrier-class reliability.

We offer:

  • Tellabs® Mobile Backhaul: Migrate any network to packet technology with carrier-class reliability and lower-cost support for 3G and 4G.

Mobile solutions benefits

  • Save up to 93% as you migrate to LTE. Tellabs lowers the total cost of ownership, with potential savings of 60% to 93% in the evolution of your network.
  • Provide bandwidth where and when it's needed. Easily anticipate and meet capacity needs for better user experiences. Prioritize traffic to best use capacity.
  • Transform your business model to capture new revenue opportunities. Add revenue-generating services such as parental controls, mobile advertising and dynamic QoS.
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