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Cost-effectively deliver the new services your users demand

Connections. That's what telecom networks are all about. Your customers rely on you to access the Internet from anywhere. To handle huge data transactions. To say hello to family and friends. To watch videos. To email and blog. To connect with the world.

Tellabs innovations ensure your network can handle it all — around the clock and around the world. Our proven mobile, optical and business solutions keep your customers connected.

At the same time, Tellabs helps you get ahead by adding revenue, reducing expenses and making networks work better. Our solutions focus on:

  • Efficiently provisioning and managing bandwidth
  • Ensuring high quality of service
  • Easing your migration to next-generation services
  • Reducing power consumption.

We offer:

  • Tellabs® Mobile Solutions help you cut costs and generate revenue as mobile networks evolve to 3G and 4G.
  • Tellabs® Optical Solutions enable you to add bandwidth when and where it's needed, deliver existing services, and lower capital and operating expenses.
  • Tellabs® Business Solutions help you provide businesses high quality, reliability and availability while enabling them to save energy and become more "green."
  • Tellabs® Global Services provide the specialized expertise to design, build and optimize your networks.


  • Cut costs and generate revenue as you evolve to 3G and 4G. Migrate to packet technology and monetize the mobile Internet.
  • Get more capacity out of your network. New bandwidth management solutions and more cost-effective ways to carry traffic make your network more efficient.
  • Deliver vital services to businesses. Quickly provision bandwidth and new services for data-intense enterprise services.
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Easily provision bandwidth while reducing power, space and maintenance Tellabs® Optical Solutions
Manage the growing demand for mobile Internet traffic Tellabs® Mobile Solutions
Provide in-demand enterprise services for corporate customers Tellabs® Business Solutions
Expertly design, implement and manage growing networks Tellabs® Global Services

Keep your customers connected

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