Support growing smart grid and SCADA communications requirements with Packet Optical, T1, Ethernet and IP/MPLS Solutions

Enable new wholesale/retail carrier communications service offerings

Power utilities generate a massive amount of data that is vital to daily operations. From SCADA to smart grid communications, your voice, video and data are only as reliable and secure as the transmission and collection equipment enabling them.

That's why power utilities trust Tellabs to ensure voice, video and data communication reliability. Tellabs is a well-established supplier of digital cross-connects and Packet Optical, Ethernet and IP/MPLS solutions. Power utilities can migrate to Ethernet and IP/MPLS communications with a fully redundant solution where traffic is ensured reliable to 5 nines (99.999%).

We offer:

  • Support for both T1 and Ethernet traffic
  • A full DS0 cross-connecting matrix with RTU bridging and test-access capabilities
  • Packet Optical, Ethernet and IP/MPLS data solutions for SCADA, smart grid and wholesale/retail carrier services

Power utilities benefits:

  • Ensure 5-nines (99.999%) data reliability. RTUs can reliably transmit critical status and system load data to the SCADA master, so operators can respond to system events in real time.
  • Implement true redundancy to ensure data flow reliability during an emergency. If your primary SCADA master goes down, the secondary system can automatically take over without any loss of data.
  • Increase revenue from wholesale/retail communications services. Utilize your fiber infrastructure to offer high-bandwidth data connectivity services to other operators or to business services end-customers.
  • Maintain reliability as you migrate to Ethernet and IP/MPLS. Power utilities building smart grid communications networks can retain reliability and security as you transition to packet communications.
Power Utilities at Tellabs
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Ensure the reliability and security of your critical traffic with T1 transport systems Tellabs® 5320L/S Digital Cross-Connect
Transport data cost-effectively over Ethernet Tellabs® 8609 Smart Router
Provide flexible, virtually unlimited bandwidth to operators or business services end-customers Tellabs® 7100 Optical Transport Series
Extend Carrier Ethernet even closer to your customers Tellabs® 7300 Metro Ethernet Switching Series

Ensure reliable voice, video and data communication

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