Upgrade your network with low-cost Ethernet/IP transport, uplink and services

Deliver new Ethernet/IP-based mobile, business and residential services

As more users experience broadband speeds at home and work, they want more high-bandwidth services. Yesterday's network can't keep up with today's bandwidth demands.

But advanced technologies don't come cheap. You can't afford to rip out gear you deployed just a few years ago.

The solution is to simply upgrade your existing network with the Tellabs® 1000 Multiservice Access Series. With this future-ready platform, you're just one plug-in card away from deploying new services such as IPTV, Ethernet/IP and premium high-speed Internet.

And you can continue to provide traditional revenue-generating services to your business customers. This versatile and reliable platform delivers everything from traditional narrowband services to T1/E1, ADSL2+ (Bonding Annex M) and Ethernet/IP (uplink, transport and services).

With the Tellabs 1000 series, you gain field-proven solutions from the central office to the network edge. Plus, you can reduce costs through a 70% decrease in power consumption — when compared with overlay solutions.

So whether you need an Ethernet/IP upgrade, remote ADSL2+ delivery, central office DSLAMs or new video services, Tellabs enables your migration to next-generation networks.

Tellabs® 1000 series benefits

  • Expand network capacity with Ethernet/IP. Ethernet plug-in cards provide 3 to 12 times the capacity of ATM.
  • Migrate ATM to IP more cost-effectively. Upgrades are less invasive compared with rip-and-replace strategies.
  • Increase revenue with premium high-speed Internet. Support the latest xDSL technologies.
  • Decrease time to market and shorten time to revenue. Deploy new services with simple software and plug-in card upgrades.
  • Lower capital and operating expenses. Leverage your existing infrastructure with an integrated access solution that simultaneously supports Ethernet/IP, TDM and ATM.
  • Backhaul cell site traffic. TDM interfaces for 2G and Ethernet for 3G provide flexible mobile backhaul options.
Tellabs® 1000 Series
Product Description Size/
Switching capacity
Cost-effective migration to IP/Ethernet networks 7 in / 178 mm H
19 in / 483 mm W
12 in / 305 mm D

Mounting options:
19- or 23-inch rack
Supports most current and traditional interfaces
Cost-effective migration to VoIP unified communications networks 7 in / 178 mm H
19 in / 483 mm W
12 in / 305 mm D

Mounting options:
19- or 23-inch rack
SIP, GR-303, GR-08, GR-57
Re-home Class 5 voice switches with a high-density modular channel bank assembly 12.25 in / 311 mm H
19 in / 483 mm W
12 in / 305 mm D

Mounting options:
19- or 23-inch rack
High-density POTS
Shorten customer serving areas for higher bandwidth delivery over your copper plant Available in 200- and 1500-line capacities Supports the Tellabs 1000 Multiservice Access Platform
Efficiently manage all of your Tellabs access elements N/A Supports the Tellabs 1000, Tellabs 1100 and Tellabs 1600 platforms

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