Get the most capacity out of your wireline and wireless networks

Reduce floor space and power consumption by up to 80%

Your network is put to the test every day. New services. More traffic. No room for error. Finding ways to get the most capacity out of your network is more important than ever before.

At the core of your network are digital cross-connect systems handling T1, T3 and SONET traffic, routing it for grooming, test access and monitoring. You have lots of opportunities to do more with this revenue-generating traffic.

Whether you're handling wireline or wireless traffic, the Tellabs® 5000 series of digital cross-connect systems helps you improve performance with best-in-class densities and reliability. That's why the Tellabs® 5500 system is one of the most widely deployed digital cross-connects in the world.

Tellabs® 5000 Digital Cross-Connect series enables you to:

  • Expand capacity and functionality "in service" without downtime.
  • Save up to 80% in floor space and power.
  • Offer service level agreements based on reliability levels in excess of 99.999% (five nines).

The Tellabs® 5000 series benefits

  • Simplify service provisioning. Automated service provisioning and any-to-any port connectivity speeds time to revenue.
  • Lower network costs. High-density port shelves and network switching core save you money, space and power.
  • Expand capacity flexibly. Tellabs' flexible design uses pluggable optical and electrical transceivers to easily add more capacity.
  • Enhance voice quality. iVQE (integrated voice quality enhancement) makes digital wireless and long-distance calls sound better, start to finish.
Tellabs® 5000 Series
Product Description Size/
Switching capacity
Digital cross-connect vital to the core of the network Admin and network:
2 23-inch x 7-foot racks for up to 4,608 STS-1 equivalent, non-blocking switch capacity

Minimum of 1 23-inch x 7-foot rack (up to 3 HD384 optical port shelves in 1 rack for up to 1,152 STS-1 equivalent circuits)
High-density electrical and optical interfaces, including T1, T3, STS-1E, OC-3, OC-12 and OC-48, and Gigabit Ethernet; integrated DS0 grooming available
Most reliable and scalable 3/1/0 cross-connect designed to replace and gracefully migrate traffic from aging legacy NDCS systems Admin and network:
Minimum of 1 23-inch x 7-foot rack

Minimum of 1 23-inch x 7-foot rack
Full non-blocking any-to-any connectivity for DS-1, E1, STS-1e, and DS-3 Interfaces
Powerful and scalable management system providing deep element management functionality and advanced network/service management N/A Supports the Tellabs 5500 DCS and Tellabs 5320L/S DCS
Tellabs® MetroWatch Integrated Network Manager Full-featured element management N/A Supports the Tellabs 5500 DCS and Tellabs 5320L/S DCS

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