Add bandwidth and Ethernet/IP to existing networks

Rev up your SDH network to save costs and increase efficiency

Your customers are on Facebook, surfing the web and watching video on the move. The explosion of smartphones and other mobile devices challenges your existing SDH network but also presents new revenue opportunities.

Migrating to an IP/Ethernet platform enables you to manage increased traffic at lower cost, with carrier-class reliability. Your users will enjoy high-bandwidth services with high quality.

Tellabs can help you migrate to a packet environment cost-effectively. We offer flexible options to upgrade your existing network without forcing you to write off your existing SDH investments.

The Tellabs® 6300 Managed Transport System enables you to:

  • Deliver carrier-class differentiated services such as Ethernet Private Networks.
  • Offer a low-entry-cost metro and access transport platform.
  • Provide a flexible, scalable mobile network.

Tellabs® 6300 system benefits

  • Leverage your initial SDH investment. Add data capabilities to your existing transport network for MEF-compliant Ethernet delivery with guaranteed QoS.
  • Lower network costs. High-density products with small footprints and low power consumption reduce your transport costs.
  • Increase network efficiency. Statistical multiplexing enables multiple users and applications to share the same bandwidth dynamically. Virtual concatenation enables bandwidth adjustments to meet customer needs.
  • Expand network capacity. Pluggable optical and electrical transceivers offer flexibility. Virtual concatenation improves scalability. Multiply fiber capacity by adding CWDM capabilities.
  • Provision and manage your network easily. A carrier-class management system enables you to manage an entire network from one central location.
Tellabs® 6300 Series
Product Description Size/
Switching capacity
Small, fast, dense Multiservice Provisioning Platform (MSPP)

Fits anywhere in WDM and SDH transport networks
1.75 in / 44 mm H
18.4 in / 467 mm W
10.25 in / 260 mm D
Up to 15 bi-directional CWDM and DWDM Channels
Cross-connect size:
80 ports 4/4 switch matrix
8 ports 4/3/1 switch matrix
Electrical PDH and SDH
Optical SDH
Fast Ethernet
Gigabit Ethernet
Fiber Channel
Compact, fully featured MSPP

Fits anywhere in SDH network from access to core
2RU model with
8 traffic slots:
3.5 in / 86 mm H
17.5 in / 441 mm W
10.25 in / 260 mm D
7RU model with 8 traffic slots plus dedicated slots for E1 interfaces: 310 mm H
441 mm W
260 mm D
Cross-connect size:
104 ports 4/4 switch matrix
16 ports 4/3/1 switch matrix
Electrical PDH and SDH
Optical SDH
Fast Ethernet
Gigabit Ethernet
High-density digital cross-connect

Fits in metro and regional networks
Main subrack dimensions are 950 mm H
500 mm W
280 mm D
Cross-connect size:
640 VC-4 ports
higher-order matrix
8064 VC-12 ports lower-order matrix
Optical SDH
Fast Ethernet
Gigabit Ethernet

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