Single network manager across mobile, optical and business solutions

Provision services 5 times faster than other systems

In a communications network, coordinating multiple, disparate network management systems and operations can be as cumbersome as building out the network itself. The networks are under constant change and the result is typically a series of unconnected "stove pipes" that add up to an expensive, complex headache.

Tellabs' single overarching network manager simplifies network management and can improve profitability and competitiveness through operational efficiency. The Tellabs® 8000 Intelligent Network Manager provides service providers with full, end-to-end support for commissioning and monitoring services, making service changes and performing troubleshooting.

The Tellabs 8000 intelligent network manager hides complexities and makes network management operations easy and simple with its advanced graphical user interface (GUI). Automated wizards and plug-and-play features guide users through tasks and shorten services provisioning time.

Current Analysis rated the Tellabs 8000 network manager as 'Outstanding' (Current Analysis portfolio assessment for Tellabs, April, 2011): "Tellabs' 8000 INM is a scalable and management system providing complete element management functionality and advanced network and service management."

It offers a true single network management system across optical, mobile and business Ethernet platforms. Over 200 service providers around the world are using the Tellabs 8000 intelligent network manager to bring the most out of their networks.

The Tellabs 8000 intelligent network manager manages the following Tellabs product families:

  • Tellabs® 8800 Smart Routers
  • Tellabs® 8600 Smart Routers
  • Tellabs® 8100 Managed Access System
  • Tellabs® 7300 Metro Ethernet Switching Series
  • Tellabs® 7100 Optical Transport System
  • Tellabs® 6300 Managed Transport System
  • Tellabs® 5500 Digital Cross-Connect System
  • Tellabs® 5320L Digital Cross-Connect System
  • Tellabs® 3700 Multimedia Controller

The Tellabs® 8000 Intelligent Network Manager enables you to:

  • Speed up time to revenue and reduce expenses.
  • Improve the user experience and automate and simplify network management for your employees.
  • Integrate easily with existing OSS infrastructure and processes.

Tellabs® 8000 Intelligent Network Manager benefits

  • Provision and manage services quickly and easily. One customer reports that provisioning services is now 5 times faster compared to other systems. Our system's automated tools and processes in service creation enable operational efficiency.
  • Speed up time to revenue and reduce expenses. Faster service provisioning with automated tools, templates and processes speeds up time to revenue and increases profitability. Advanced troubleshooting and reporting capabilities quickly detect and fix network errors, reduce network downtime and minimize SLA penalties.
  • Flexibility. The Tellabs 8000 intelligent network manager is supported on cost-effective and scalable platforms and operating systems. It can run on a single computer solution for small deployments and can also scale up to 30,000 nodes, several hundred thousand connections and up to 150 concurrent users operating the network. Virtualization and various high availability options are also offered.
  • Integrate quickly and easily with other management systems. An intelligent management system enables you to seamlessly integrate with other OSS systems and processes through various North Bound Interfaces (NBIs), including industry standard ones.

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