Provide flexible and reliable packet-based services

Stay ahead of competition and build on your existing investments

Your customers watch live HD video on their mobile devices. Use online banking to make payments. Collaborate on projects in the cloud. Customers everywhere are demanding more flexibility, personalization and a better user experience. You can support existing services while preparing for future 4G-based offerings with Tellabs IP and Ethernet products.

An Ethernet and IP infrastructure is essential for the high-bandwidth mobile and business services that your customers demand. You can save money by handling more users and more types of traffic on a single network. In addition, IP and Ethernet provide a highly reliable and scalable solution.

With Tellabs IP and Ethernet products, you can prepare for future services without redesigning your network from scratch. Our products enable you to build on your existing network to create a single, unique platform that enables you to launch new Ethernet and IP service offerings at your own pace. Our platform offers high reliability, security and intelligence on a single platform.

Our systems enable convergence, reduce networking complexity and lower your costs. Plus, you can manage a variety of products with one intelligent network manager -improving network performance while containing costs.

IP and Ethernet products at Tellabs
To... Use...
Reduce network elements and simplify on one converged network
Improve end user experience with a smarter network
Upgrade your SDH network with carrier-class Ethernet services and cost-effective WDM deployment
Extend Carrier Ethernet even closer to your customers
Improve network performance while containing costs

Prepare for future services without starting over

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