Tellabs® 8600 Smart Routers


Application Notes

Building Future-Proof IP/Ethernet-based RAN with the Tellabs 8600 Smart Routers  PDF 402KB

IP VPN for Mobile Backhaul with the Tellabs 8600 Smart Routers  PDF 532KB

Maintaining Profitable DSL Networks with Tellabs MPLS Solution  PDF 166KB

Meet the Needs of LTE Backhaul with the Tellabs 8600 Smart Routers  PDF 1553KB

Tellabs Smart Router Autoconfiguration Application Note  PDF 768KB


Article Reprints

An IP Backhaul Solution for Today and Tomorrow  PDF 630KB

Backhaul Differentiates Telefonica Latin America Mobile Services  PDF 262KB

Building Sustainability  PDF 56KB

Carriers Trial SDN Use Cases  PDF 77KB

Driving Mobile Backhaul in Latin America  PDF 340KB

For VMS MobiFone, MPLS is Key  PDF 812KB

MTS: The Ethernet Backhaul Difference  PDF 493KB

NetCom's LTE Leap  PDF 379KB

New Partners Bring New Solutions  PDF 867KB

Quality and Quantity  PDF 368KB

Russia's Transport Transformation  PDF 553KB

Smart's Telecom Trifecta  PDF 424KB

Think Globally, Act Locally  PDF 88KB

TIM Brasil Forges Innovative Mobile Backhaul Solution  PDF 593KB

Time is Money  PDF 423KB

Vodafone Malta Taps IP-MPLS For LTE Backhaul  PDF 359KB



How to Maximize User Experience in LTE  PDF 1076KB

MPLS-TP for Mobile Backhaul  PDF 620KB

Small Cells Address the Growing Demand for Data  PDF 1557KB

Tellabs Self-Organizing Networks for Mobile Backhaul  PDF 824KB

Tellabs Unified Mobile Backhaul Architecture for LTE, 3G and 2G  PDF 2190KB


Case Studies

Bandwidth Today, 4G Tomorrow  PDF 718KB

U.S. Wireless Carrier Cuts Mobile Backhaul Expenses and Improves Network Efficiency  PDF 303KB


Data Sheets

Tellabs 8000 Intelligent Network Manager  PDF 308KB

Tellabs 8600 Smart Router Control and DC Power Feed Card 2  PDF 158KB

Tellabs 8600 Smart Routers 1-Port Ethernet 10GBase-R R2 Interface Module  PDF 191KB

Tellabs 8600 Smart Routers 8-Port Ethernet 10/100/1000BASE-TX R2 Interface Module  PDF 191KB

Tellabs 8602 Smart Router  PDF 150KB

Tellabs 8605 Smart Router  PDF 218KB

Tellabs 8607 Smart Router  PDF 217KB

Tellabs 8609 Smart Router  PDF 147KB

Tellabs 8611 Smart Router  PDF 200KB

Tellabs 8615 Smart Router  PDF 221KB

Tellabs 8620 Smart Router  PDF 220KB

Tellabs 8630 Smart Router  PDF 266KB

Tellabs 8660 Smart Router  PDF 305KB

Tellabs 8665 Smart Router  PDF 258KB

Tellabs Integrated GPS (GNSS) SFP Module  PDF 395KB

Tellabs Interface Module Concentrator 2 (IFC2)  PDF 166KB


Product Overviews

Tellabs 8600 Smart Routers Overview  PDF 668KB


White Papers

Expanding SON into the Mobile Backhaul Network  PDF 412KB

LTE Stretches Synchronization to New Limits  PDF 549KB

Mobile Backhaul Migration to IPv6  PDF 401KB

Quality of Service in the Tellabs 8600 Managed Edge System  PDF 1070KB

Securing LTE Backhaul with IPsec  PDF 412KB