Improve profitability and competitiveness with operational efficiency

Optimize your network management systems

As demand for bandwidth increases, so does the complexity of your network. In mobile networks, network architecture is becoming flatter and networks start to self-organize themselves. In addition, the increasing popularity of IP video, cloud computing, OTT content and Long Term Evolution (LTE) further complicate network management with:

  • Dynamic structure of networks
  • Rapidly growing amount of mobile broadband traffic
  • Increased number of cells and nodes
  • Multiple technologies involved
  • Need to automate routine tasks

You need insight into every area of your network and services to improve customer satisfaction and increase profitability. The right network manager can add incredible value to your network. The more visibility you have into your network, the more you can optimize performance.

Tellabs Network Management Systems manage and troubleshoot networks quickly and efficiently. They speed up provisioning, minimize errors and improve productivity. Your network becomes more reliable and stable, so you save time and money. Even better, you can increase customer satisfaction and so reduce churn.

The Tellabs® 8000 Intelligent Network Manager is Tellabs' single overarching network manager for more than ten Tellabs product families. It simplifies network management and improves profitability and competitiveness with operational efficiency. Over 200 service providers globally have chosen the Tellabs 8000 intelligent network manager to operate and manage the ever-changing mobile, optical and fixed-mobile converged networks.

The Tellabs® 8000 Intelligent Network Manager improves your network performance across multiple products while containing costs. It offers easy to use GUI with advanced wizards, templates and plug-and-play features.

Tellabs also continues to support our previous network management systems:

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