How enterprises are solving evolving network challenges with Optical LAN.

CIOs and IT professionals are adapting to evolving network challenges associated with the introduction of big data, big data analytics, virtual desktop, hosted-managed services, software defined networks, cloud-based computing, wireless (3G/4G, DAS, Wi-Fi, BYOD), internet-of-things, and smart building technologies. Yet, oddly the local area network (LAN) infrastructure consisting of copper cabling and racks of Ethernet switches has remained unchanged.

The legacy copper-based LANs architecture was implemented decades ago to support peer-to-peer desktop computer traffic flows because 80% of the traffic stayed local. Today it is expected that 90% of the LAN traffic flows directly to the wide area network (WAN) because of the new technologies identified above.

Tellabs® Optical LAN solution builds on the cloud architectures value proposition lays the foundation for software defined LANs, and creates synergies with wireless technologies equally. Passive Optical LANs are a simple, secure, stable, scalable, sustainable, smart alternatives to legacy copper-based LANs. Federal government, commercial enterprise, healthcare, hospitality and education markets can obtain immediate benefit from Optical LANs that save energy, space and money.

The build blocks of Tellabs' Optical LAN solution include the following components:

Tellabs® 1100 Optical Line Terminals (OLTs)

The goal of the Tellabs 1100 Series OLTs is to optimize capital expenditures, energy consumption and space requirements wherever possible. To accomplish that end goal, Tellabs provides a variety of distribution shelves that best match total number of IP/Ethernet end-points desired, power utilization and minimizes the physical space required within the data communications closet.

Tellabs® 1100 Optical Network Terminals (ONTs)

Tellabs' ONT design and development are built from nearly 10 years of high volume PON commercial deployments. Tellabs' fourth generation ONTs deliver narrowband and broadband subscriber services cost effectively over a PON platform to the IP/Ethernet end-points. This means that all services are supported natively over a single fiber, including analog voice, VoIP, high-speed data, IP video, RF video, smart buildings apps, security, surveillance, environmental and automation for modern high performance LANs.

Tellabs® 1100 Panorama Manager

The architecture of a passive Optical LAN leverages centralized Intelligence and resources. Thus, the brains of the network reside in the OLT and the network management software. It is Tellabs 1100 Panorama Manager that defines all the network rules that set authentication, authorization, QoS and bandwidth requirements for the LAN that are defined in software and allocated dynamically. Tellabs 1100 Panorama Manager provides the most efficient means to manage a LAN's real time requirements, streamline initial commissioning and speed everyday moves, adds and changes.

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