Lower the cost of providing more bandwidth

Enhance IP networks and improve efficiency

You have the difficult task of supporting your customers' bandwidth needs without breaking the bank.

So you need new bandwidth management solutions and more cost-effective ways to carry traffic, including optical and Ethernet networking. With Tellabs optical networking products, you can deliver services faster and build a more efficient network.

For Service Providers

One of Tellabs' optical customers operates the world's largest ROADM network, delivering mobile, business and consumer services on an efficient, converged platform. The results: capital expenses decreased 65%, power consumption fell 65% and operating expenses dropped 85%.

For Enterprises, Businesses and Government Agencies

Tellabs Wavelength Services make it easy to provision bandwidth and add new offerings. Your fast, flexible response keeps customers coming back for more. And Tellabs Optical LAN provides an environmentally responsible solution that solves your growing network challenges while cutting CapEx up to 70%, power consumption up to 80%, and space requirements up to 90%.

Optical networking products at Tellabs
To... Use...
Converge voice, data, video and security services on a single platform
Offer fiber to the desktop or workstation
Easily upgrade your SDH network with carrier-class Ethernet services and cost-effective WDM deployment
Provide flexible, virtually unlimited bandwidth
Extend Carrier Ethernet even closer to your customers
Improve network performance while containing costs

Improve your competitiveness

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