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Use Tellabs experts to design, build and manage your networks

Your network is in a constant state of change. Customers are using bandwidth faster than you can provide it. New technologies, applications and devices are continually adding new pressures. You need to understand your network better and diagnose problems faster.

Despite these pressures, your network still needs to provide reliable service to your users and profit to your business. Under these conditions, it's vital to keep your network delivering 100%, all the time.

But knowledge and resources are scarce. It's tough to get the right people in place to help you get the most from your network.

Tellabs can partner with you to share the responsibility for planning, building and managing your network. From network architecture and design services right through to network deployment and program management, Tellabs can provide the expertise and resources to help you advance your network.

Tellabs® Global Services provides specialized, flexible expertise with a complete focus on your bottom line. We have a proven track record with carrier-class networks globally. Our sharp focus on customers can make a real difference to your subscriber retention and profitability.

Global Services and Support benefits

  • Improve performance and manage operational complexity. Our field-proven methodologies and techniques identify and proactively avoid the risks inherent in a network rollout.
  • Simplify operations. Identify performance enhancements within the network design, implementation and operations support.
  • Improve reliability. Implement and operate a next-generation network that provides the required functionality end-to-end, on a consistent basis.
  • Accelerate time-to-market. Bypass the learning curve and speed your ability to launch new services and generate revenue.
Global Services at Tellabs
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Improve your network performance and reduce costs Professional & Consulting Services
Get your network up and running on time and on budget Deployment Services
Operate your network at peak efficiency Support Services
Understand how to get the most out of your Tellabs-enabled network Product Training Services

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