Fiber continuity and characterization testing for fiber optical networks

Reduce costs by testing your fiber cable before designing your optical network

To meet customer demands for higher bandwidth, you need to deploy systems that use fiber-optic cables to support speeds up to OC-192 and beyond.

To support these speeds, your fiber-optic network must provide minimal optical signal distortion, loss or corruption. At the same time, you need to complete your deployment on time and meet your commitments to customers.

Our engineers can survey your overall network, including line fibers that terminate at the Fiber Distribution Panel.

Tellabs will provide a detailed report covering all aspects of your fiber network. Our engineers uncover problems that you can correct before you order and deploy your network.

We perform the following tests on each fiber span:

  • Fiber Continuity Test: Ensures that a light path exists between two points and qualifies link loss between two nodes.
  • Fiber Characterization Test: Locates problems in a fiber-optic span.
  • Chromatic Dispersion Test: Determines the maximum speed.
  • Polarization Mode Dispersion Test: Highlights physical problems, such as mechanical stress, vibrations, installation twist and torsion, bend radiuses and aggressive temperature deviations that affect the decomposition of the fiber-optic cable.

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