Take control of network performance and user experience

Interpret network data quickly to pinpoint issues

As data traffic grows and users expect always-on, fast mobile services, pressure is piling up in many mobile networks. Managing capacity requirements, while delivering high-quality service, is a constant balancing act.

Tellabs® Insight AnalyticsSM Service offers a powerful set of network analytic tools to identify and address performance and capacity issues in mobile backhaul networks before they become user-affecting problems.

Improve network efficiency and performance

Purpose-built for operators by network experts, Tellabs® Insight AnalyticsSM Service enables you to get to the root cause of issues quickly. Automated analysis of network data removes the need for you to drill through data to identify problems. Instead, the Dashboard tool does the hard work, providing an instant summary of key issues requiring your attention.

Powerful analytic tools including cross-filtering capabilities make it easy to interpret complex data and resolve problems faster. With Insight Analytics you can detect and even anticipate outages, so improving overall user experience.

Tellabs Insight Analytics Service helps you succeed as you:

  • Unlock the value of your network data. Easily analyze data from multiple network layers and network elements with one platform, without the need for network probes.
  • Deploy network analytics quickly. The cloud-based service enables swift and straightforward deployment.
  • Improve network performance. Quickly detect, address and even prevent network outages.
  • Manage customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Gain better visibility of enterprise service performance within multiservice networks.
  • Improve network planning and design. Gain insight into network capacity and usage to improve network design and target future investments.
  • Better utilize internal resource. The innovative and easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) enables staff to focus on strategic decisions rather than chasing data.

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