Get a glitch-free launch

Simplify your network deployments

Your customers expect your network to run smoothly from day one. You can't afford to postpone your launch because of glitches.

Tellabs' Engineer, Furnish & Install (EF&I) services can help you launch your network to meet your customers' expectations. At the same time, your investors will appreciate a faster return on their investments.

Tellabs brings you years of experience with world-class tools and processes. We can help you avoid oversights and scale steep learning curves. Our EF&I services can bring your project in on time and on budget.

Tellabs EF&I benefits

  • Simplify network deployments. Tellabs helped tw telecom consolidate its network, reducing power consumption by 30% and the time required to design new circuits by 60%.
  • Speed time to market. Tellabs closely analyzes changes in your network to find issues before they affect your schedule. That's how we ensure major service providers such as Telstra meet aggressive schedules.
  • Reduce engineering time. Tellabs can help you bypass the learning curve with new components. You'll take advantage of Tellabs' own engineering software tools to reduce engineering time up to 40%.
To... Use...
Ensure your project is on time, on budget and effective Engineering Services
Make sure all materials are lined up for your project Furnishing Services
Get everything ready for installation of new networks and components Installation Services
Test your upgrades before the going live Testing and Upgrades Services
Simplify and streamline the logistics of your project Project Management

Take the next step to streamlining your network deployment

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