Save precious floor space in your network operations center

Manage unplanned traffic disruptions during network migrations

You need to optimize your network and operations. At the same time, you need to minimize central office floor space consumed by network equipment and resources.

Products such as the Tellabs® 5500 and 5320L Digital Cross-Connect Systems can increase the amount of traffic you can transport and reduce the amount of power you consume. Our Facility Replacement Program enables you to quickly replace older, low-density hardware with more efficient, high-density hardware.

Our field-proven methods manage the risk of unplanned traffic disruptions. Your team can balance the need for quick project completion with customer satisfaction during the cut-over.

Tellabs Facility Replacement Program benefits

  • Site Survey: Determine and document all project parameters and office-specific requirements.
  • Planning and Circuit Audit: Audit all facilities, compare the results to your circuit layout records and work with your team to resolve any discrepancies.
  • Site Preparation and Pre-wiring: Prepare and pre-wire equipment for the cut-over execution stage with multiple checks to ensure accuracy.
  • Cut-over Execution: Successfully transfer traffic utilizing Tellabs proprietary tools.

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