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Application Notes

Enterprise Analytics Solution Must Protect Network and Customer Data  PDF 220KB


Article Reprints

Big Data, Simplified  PDF 388KB

Financial Security  PDF 211KB

Getting to the Bottom of Your Network Data  PDF 898KB

The New Frontier  PDF 184KB



How Regular Network Assessment and Optimization Improve Network Performance  PDF 448KB

Tellabs 5500 Digital Cross-Connect System Facility Replacement Program  PDF 96KB

Tellabs Insight Analytics Services Deliver Actionable Intelligence to Improve Networks and User Experiences  PDF 498KB

Tellabs Traffic Management Services - M13 System Replacement  PDF 110KB

Tellabs Traffic Management Services - Voice Quality Enhancement Equipment Replacement  PDF 96KB


Case Studies

Cable Operator Updates Inventory Management System to Improve Network Efficiency  PDF 332KB

Diveo Migrates to New IP/MPLS Network, Improving Return on Investment and Maximizing Quality of Service  PDF 291KB

European Mobile Operator Completes Major 3G Network Upgrade in Just 14 Months  PDF 518KB

European Operator Moves to LTE-Ready IP Network in Just 6 Months  PDF 168KB

How Vodafone Ireland Uses Tellabs Insight Analytics Services  PDF 621KB

Improved Network Inventory Management Solution Delivers Cost Savings for North American MSO  PDF 486KB

Major North American MSO migrates with Tellabs Professional Services  PDF 309KB

Mobile Backhaul Network Deployment Delivers $25 Million Savings Over 5 Years  PDF 514KB

Network Migration Reduces Operating Expenses and Improves Network Performance  PDF 340KB

North American Operator Deploys an IP/MPLS Network for State Government  PDF 672KB

North American Operator Upgrades Mobile Backhaul Network  PDF 283KB

North American Regional Service Provider Completes Network Migration to Next-Generation Data Transport Network  PDF 293KB

North American Regional Service Provider Launches Next-Generation Network to Drive New Revenue Opportunities  PDF 300KB

Tellabs Global Services Supports Carrier's Nationwide Service Rollout  PDF 489KB

Tellabs Helps U.S. Wireless Carrier Upgrade to 3g Network in 18 Months  PDF 324KB

Telstra Transforms Landline Network to IP/MPLS Network Core in Less Than 18 Months  PDF 375KB

Telstra's MPLS Network Upgrade Delivers Cost Savings and Improves Network Efficiency  PDF 323KB

Transport Network Migration Delivers Significant Annual Savings  PDF 306KB

tw telecom Consolidates Transport Network Equipment to Reduce Costs and Support Future Growth  PDF 535KB

U.S. Wireless Carrier Cuts Mobile Backhaul Expenses and Improves Network Efficiency  PDF 303KB

U.S. Wireless Carrier Reduces Operational Expenses, Increases ROI and Improves Efficiency  PDF 288KB



Tellabs Global Services Catalog, Issue 4  PDF 5859KB


Data Sheets

Network Architecture and Design Services  PDF 334KB

Optical Network Architecture and Design Services  PDF 173KB

Resident Engineering Services  PDF 267KB

Tellabs 6000 Series Trail Migration Service  PDF 99KB

Tellabs 8000 Network Manager Resilience Service  PDF 382KB

Tellabs 8000 Series Network Audit Service  PDF 87KB

Tellabs 8000 Series Network Merge Service  PDF 95KB

Tellabs 8100 System and Tellabs 8600 System: Cables and Accessories  PDF 235KB

Tellabs Access Product Operations Assistance  PDF 130KB

Tellabs Advanced Fiber Characterization  PDF 153KB

Tellabs Deployment Services  PDF 185KB

Tellabs Element Provisioning Program  PDF 157KB

Tellabs Management Systems Database Support Services  PDF 263KB

Tellabs Network Integration Services  PDF 305KB

Tellabs Network Modernization Program  PDF 154KB

Tellabs Northbound Interface Integration Services  PDF 361KB

Tellabs Optical Migration Services  PDF 89KB

Tellabs Program and Project Management Services  PDF 265KB

Tellabs Spares Management Service  PDF 175KB

Tellabs Support Agreements  PDF 184KB

Tellabs Transport Network Optimization Services  PDF 569KB



Tellabs Global Manufacturing Discontinued Policy (Login Required)

Tellabs Global Repair and Return Policy (Login Required)

Tellabs Global Software License Transfer Policy (Login Required)

Tellabs Global Spares Management Service Guidelines (Login Required)

Tellabs Global Used Equipment Policy (Login Required)

Tellabs Global Warranty Policy (Login Required)

Tellabs Irreparable Guidelines (Login Required)

Tellabs North America Pay-Per-Incident Support Services Policy (Login Required)


Service Overviews

Mobile Backhaul Services  PDF 382KB

Optical Networking Services  PDF 341KB

Tellabs Global Services - LTE Services Solutions  PDF 301KB

Tellabs Product Training  PDF 410KB


White Papers

Improve Network, Service and Financial Performance using Network Analytics  PDF 500KB

Management System Operations Audit: Factors to Consider in Achieving Operational Reliability  PDF 1474KB

Migrating your Customer Traffic to More Advanced Networks  PDF 332KB

Service Providers: Getting the Most from RFPs  PDF 164KB