Expert network design and planning services to simplify operations

Maximize network performance and accelerate ROI

Network configurations keep getting more and more complicated. Applications are more advanced, and they need every element to run more efficiently to keep your users happy.

With more complex networks come complex designs and planning processes that require unique expertise.

Our skilled consultants have the experience and tools to deliver end-to-end design expertise that prevents costly errors and redesigns.

You can take advantage of our expertise to produce a comprehensive design solution that achieves your objectives. Our consultants apply lessons learned from past implementations in hundreds of networks globally and apply industry best practices.

We develop a good-to-go Engineering Design Package with high-level network architecture documentation. The package documents the parameters for Tellabs equipment at specific sites.

Tellabs Network Design Service includes:

  • All network equipment layouts and physical connections
  • Detailed configuration information for each element
  • System installation and equipment requirements

Tellabs Network Design Service benefits

  • Improve performance and operational complexity. Improve network efficiency, design and operation
  • Simplify operations. Best practice documentation and tools to manage site-level configurations quickly and efficiently
  • Deal with changes and challenges easily. Assess, rationalize and optimize existing infrastructure or integrate new elements into your network

Take the next step to prevent costly redesigns with Tellabs Network Design

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