Update your telecom network without disrupting service

Replace legacy equipment quickly and cost-effectively

To keep up with increasing user demand, your network needs the latest technology. Legacy equipment can increase the risks of outages and performance problems.

Aging systems are unreliable, expensive to maintain and lack the features available in modern equipment. They also waste space and energy.

Tellabs Network Modernization Program replaces older equipment with modern systems and support. Upgrading your telecom network can reduce capital and operating expenses.

Tellabs replaces a wide range of equipment, including Digital Cross-Connect Systems, various types of multiplexers and Voice Quality Enhancement products. With our experience in hundreds of networks globally, we're able to upgrade even the most complicated multi-vendor networks easily and cost-effectively.

We offer a quick, reliable method of upgrading old equipment with no unplanned traffic disruptions. We offer proven methods, proprietary software tools and experienced teams.

Tellabs Network Modernization Program benefits

  • Improve performance and operational complexity; Migrate traffic to modern reliable networks.
  • Simplify operations: Avoid re-work, downtime and data loss with our proven expertise.
  • Expertly integrate new elements into your telecom networks: Make complicated multi-vendor environments work.

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