Save time and money with an optimized transport network

Improve network resiliency

You're under pressure to control costs. Your transport network is a necessary but expensive part of your operations and needs to function optimally at all times.

Tellabs can help you reduce operating expenses, planning time and errors. At the same time, our Transport Network Optimization Service can improve network resiliency and help you meet your strict Service Level Agreements.

Our team will conduct audits of billing and equipment. We can help you with your network planning and network supportand to avoid unnecessary expenses in your transport network.

Tellabs Transport Network Optimization Service includes:

  • Circuit Facility Assignment Audit. Compare inventory database records to leased facility providers' databases. One service provider was entitled to a 24-month credit after we found that it was paying for more circuits than it was actually using.
  • Operational Support System Inventory Database Audit and Reconciliation. We reconcile the data between design databases and your actual operating network.
  • Billing Audit and Interconnect Agreements (ICA) Review. We analyze your current billing data and ICAs to discover cost-saving opportunities.
  • Transport Network Design Tool Auditing and Provisioning. Our experts provide accurate model network scenarios and identify optimum transport strategies.
  • Transport Network Optimization Analysis. Our team analyzes your transport network architecture, identifies areas that can be optimized and detects network design problems.
  • Transport Network Optimization Implementation. Our full implementation services offer the experience and manpower you need to implement optimization strategies quickly and efficiently.

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