Speed implementation to carry live traffic

Improve network reliability

Delays in bringing your new network online can be costly and delay your return on investment.

Your new system must meet published specs and be reliable enough to carry live traffic. Without proper execution, you could incur costly traffic outages.

Tellabs Network Acceptance Testing (NAT) team uses the right test gear, advanced skills and proven techniques to deliver a fully tested system. The Tellabs team of NAT Engineers, Field Service Engineers and Project Management Staff conducts the final tests for intercommunications and reliability in the system.

Tellabs engineers confirm that the network and nodes are connected and working properly. After your customized final report is prepared, you're good to go live.

Tellabs NAT benefits

  • Speed implementation to carry live traffic. We provide the expertise and equipment to bring your network live as fast as possible.
  • Improve network reliability. Tellabs' proven testing techniques and expertise help ensure network reliability when your network goes live.

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