Technical Support in Your Region:
Asia Pacific
Australia, India and PhilippinesContact your Tellabs sales office for
more information
Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan+65.6215.6400
Europe, Middle East and Africa
Italy, Greece, Albania and Malta+39.06.6242342
South Africa+080.09.83915
United Kingdom+0808.234.9672
All Others+358.10800.358
Latin America and Caribbean
Argentina+0800.666.3180 or +0800.222.2030, or +0800.444.6118
Brazil+55.11.3572.6244 or +0800.707.8522 (local)
Colombia+01.800.915.6923 (local)
Mexico+52.55.5540.0147 or +01800.8355227 (local)
All Others+52.55.5540.0147
Alternate Numbers for Spanish Language
(Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay)
+1.213.330.3631 or +1.917.386.0266
North America
United States and Canada+1.800.443.5555 or +1.630.798.7070

Repair Support:
Global Repair & Logistics Center+1.800.443.5555 (+1.630.798.7070), option 6

Technical support when you need it

Tellabs support is available globally 24/7/365

You have complex technical questions and need to minimize outages. Your comprehensive Tellabs Support Agreement gives you access to technical support when you need it.

Our qualified technical support engineers have the solutions. Based at our state-of-the-art Technical Assistance Centers, our expert engineers can address your complex technical questions, accelerate resolution of problems and prevent technical issues from occurring.

As needed, field service engineers can be dispatched for on-site technical support.

Tellabs Technical Assistance Centers offer you universal case tracking and knowledge-base systems for quick response. If you have a Tellabs Support Agreement, you can also submit cases concerning technical or operational issues online. The Tellabs Portal provides access to technical documentation and answers to frequently asked technical questions.

We deliver our support service offerings professionally, effectively and with a focus on meeting your needs.

Take the next step to getting help when you need it from Tellabs Technical Assistance Centers. Contact us at the numbers listed above or contact us online: