Network migration services to quickly and smoothly upgrade your network

Ensure a smooth transition to upgraded telecom networks

You're launching major network infrastructure changes. You may need to migrate your customer traffic from legacy equipment to the latest technology.

The work is essential to your business — but your staff may not have the necessary expertise.

Tellabs' proven methods, proprietary software tools and custom scripts can ensure your network traffic migrates properly the first time. We combine extensive experience with proprietary tools to automate many of the otherwise error-prone manual data entry tasks required to successfully transfer your traffic.

Tellabs Traffic Transfer Services can greatly reduce or eliminate downtime associated with network migrations. Our product-specific software tools provide the ability to quickly restore original circuits, if problems should arise.

Tellabs Traffic Transfer Services typically include:

  • Site survey
  • Circuit audit
  • Method of Procedure development
  • Patching and rewiring
  • Traffic cut-over
  • Project management.

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