Deliver fast, reliable Ethernet services to customers

Reduce costs and simplify your network

If a business' Ethernet service goes down, it can cost millions. Airlines, telecom companies, banks — all depend on telecom networks to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Financial institutions have a particularly high level of mission-critical traffic, including large monetary transactions. They need fast, reliable and secure Ethernet to stay on track. That's why many financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies across the world trust Tellabs® Carrier Ethernet.

Tellabs® Carrier Ethernet offers you carrier-class reliability over one reliable platform. We deliver versatile, scalable networks that reduce your costs. You can save up to 70% in operating expenses.

With Tellabs® Carrier Ethernet you can offer your customers guaranteed Quality of Service. And as we simplify your network, you can trust us to keep our Service Level Agreements.

Carrier Ethernet benefits

  • Reduce costs. Save up to 70% in capital expenses and up to 80% in operating expenses.
  • Support mission-critical applications. Financial institutions across the globe trust Tellabs, including the CME Group.
  • Work with one single converged network. A simplified network reduces power consumption by up to 50%.
  • Promotes market differentiation and revenue growth. The platform offers Ethernet over copper, DSL, fiber, SONET, DWDM or SDH.
Carrier Ethernet solutions at Tellabs
To... Use...
Reduce network elements and simplify on one converged network Tellabs® 8800 Smart Routers
Support all technologies needed to evolve your network Tellabs® 8600 Smart Routers
Extend Carrier Ethernet even closer to your customers Tellabs® 7300 Metro Ethernet Switching Series
Provide an integrated transport and multiservice delivery solution on a single platform Tellabs® 7100 Optical Transport Series
Easily upgrade your SDH network with carrier-class Ethernet services and cost-effective WDM deployment Tellabs® 6300 Managed Transport System
Upgrade your existing TDM/SDH networks with carrier-class Ethernet services and cost-effective WDM deployment Tellabs® 8100 Managed Access System

Take the next step to delivering reliable, cost-effective enterprise services

Tellabs Carrier Ethernet solutions offer you versatile networks that can reduce the network elements in your infrastructure up to 74%. For more information on how our Carrier Ethernet solutions can help you, .