Advance your mobile network with SON, security and synchronization

Migrate your network to 4G, LTE and LTE-Advanced

The mobile Internet explosion can be a double-edged sword. Your data traffic is growing exponentially, perhaps well beyond what your mobile network was designed to handle. Your customers expect high-speed and high-quality services which are reliable and secure.

Mobile technologies are changing quickly. In addition, new functionalities and features- such as self-organizing networks for mobile backhaul - can improve your network's efficiency.

But technology is changing so fast, how do you address today's demands while preparing for tomorrow's?

Tellabs® Mobile Backhaul advances your network from 3G to 4G, LTE and LTE-Advanced. With Tellabs, you can migrate any mobile network to packet technology with carrier-class reliability. That means you can handle the rapid growth in mobile commerce, cloud applications, gaming, email, Internet and video traffic while improving your profitability.

Tellabs helps you dynamically optimize mobile network performance, improve the quality of user experiences and create new revenue opportunities.

Tellabs has more than 20 years of experience optimizing hundreds of mobile networks worldwide. Our 3G, 4G, LTE and LTE-Advanced solutions meet capacity demands, lower costs and improve profitability.

Mobile Solutions benefits

  • Migrate your wireless network to IP/Ethernet. Offer reliable, carrier-class Ethernet, and IP/MPLS applications.
  • Simplify your move to LTE and LTE-Advanced Switch on LTE and LTE-A features at your own pace. You can build new capabilities and add new services with only incremental investments
  • Get full network visibility, control and intelligence. Have great visibility on the status of your network at all times and address issues before they impact performance. Let the intelligent network manager take care of automated routines and focus on things that make a difference in cost and competition.

Take the next step to building a next-generation mobile network

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