Provide smart tools to go beyond basic wireless backhaul

Improve Quality of Experience for your end customer

People today are watching videos, tweeting, and running cloud applications on their mobile devices. Wireless internet is causing an explosion in data traffic that is driving operators to move to LTE and LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) networks. In addition to new technologies, users expect outstanding quality of experience.

Operators rely on Tellabs® Mobile Backhaul Solutions to improve end users' quality of experience. With Tellabs, you can switch on LTE and LTE-Advanced features at your own pace, without forklift upgrades. Tellabs' end-to-end mobile backhaul solution offers built-in synchronization, extensive security, and end-to-end network management.

Over 170 customers worldwide rely on Tellabs Mobile Backhaul Solutions, including Vodafone, MegaFon, MTS, Netcom and Telecom Italia.

Tellabs offers:

  • Content-aware routing for enhanced application visibility and smart mobile backhaul
  • Mobile backhaul solutions – with self-organizing network (SON) technology – which enable you to focus on business-critical items.
  • Scalable solutions from small cell aggregation to core and RNC sites.
  • Fiber-based optical mobile backhaul for networks with huge capacity needs.

Mobile backhaul benefits

  • Improve your end users' quality of experience. Offer your customers reliable and high-quality voice, video and data services in far less time. Accurate synchronization also enables high service availability and seamless handovers.
  • Get full network visibility, control and intelligence. Have great visibility on the status of your network at all times and address issues before they impact performance. Let the intelligent network manager take care of automated routines so you can focus on things that make a difference in cost and competition.
  • Leverage unique synchronization capabilities. "The Tellabs Mobile Backhaul Solution set and roadmap have the suite of timing and sync functions that satisfy the needs of LTE and LTE-Advanced backhaul networks." - Michael Howard, Infonetics Research.
  • Ensure high usability and simple network operations for 4G, 3G and 2G. Tellabs' end-to-end Mobile Backhaul Solutions provides a single solution to support all mobile technologies with an easy to use network management system, which hides the technical complexities.
  • Simplify your evolution to LTE and beyond. Switch on LTE and LTE-A features at your own pace. You can build new capabilities and add new services with only incremental investments.
Mobile backhaul at Tellabs
To... Use...
Reduce network elements and simplify onto one converged network Tellabs® 8800 Smart Routers
Single solution to support all mobile generations in a reliable and scalable manner Tellabs® 8600 Smart Routers
Deliver a variety of services over different media types cost-efficiently Tellabs® 8100 Managed Access System
Manage several technologies and Tellabs product families Tellabs® 8000 Intelligent Network Manager
Extend Carrier Ethernet even closer to your customers Tellabs® 7300 Metro Ethernet Switching Series
Provide flexible, virtually unlimited bandwidth Tellabs® 7100 Optical Transport Series
Upgrade your SDH network with carrier-class Ethernet services and cost-effective WDM deployment Tellabs® 6300 Managed Transport System

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