Reduce capital and operating expenses with fewer network elements

Converge ATM, Frame Relay, Ethernet and IP services onto one network

Financial institutions and trading exchanges handle thousands of data transactions each hour. If a network goes down — even for a minute — millions of dollars can be lost.

That's why service providers such as Telstra in Australia and Verizon Business in the United States turn to Tellabs® Multiservice Edge.

Tellabs Multiservice Edge uniquely provides interworking between legacy and next-generation services. You can decrease your infrastructure while leveraging your existing network to support new Ethernet and IP offerings over a single, unique platform.

Simply put, Tellabs Multiservice Edge platforms pave the way to next-generation networks.

We offer:

  • Business-class Carrier Ethernet and IP services
  • Converged services on a single platform
  • Carrier-class routing
  • ATM/SDH to IP/MPLS migration.

Multiservice edge benefits

  • Decrease your infrastructure. When Australian service provider Telstra completes its migration from ATM/FR to MPLS, it will simplify its network by reducing network elements 74%.
  • Reduce CapEx and OpEx. Reduce OpEx up to 70%, compared with previous networks.
  • Reduce power consumption. Reduce overall power consumption by 50%, compared with previous networks.
Tellabs Multiservice Edge
To... Use...
Provide quality-aware Ethernet and IP VPN end-to-end services Tellabs® 8600 Smart Routers
Deliver legacy and business-class IP and carrier Ethernet services on one efficient system Tellabs® 8800 Smart Routers
Improve network performance while containing costs Tellabs® 8000 Intelligent Network Manager

Use one converged network for all your interworking needs

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