Enhance your Ethernet and IP network efficiency

Reduce capital expense up to 65%, operating expense up to 85%

As technologies converge and network architectures flatten, multiservice transport solutions become compelling. These multiservice capabilities are not only required at the core, but also must be flexible and scalable enough to reach toward the edge of your network as well.

With Tellabs optical solutions, your transport network can cost-effectively deliver the mobile, residential and business services your customers demand on a daily basis.

Tellabs® Optical Solutions combine optical networking and service layer technologies onto one seamless platform. This flexible, scalable platform enables you to cost-effectively migrate your network infrastructure as you prepare for next-generation services.

Tellabs Optical Solutions make your network far more efficient, with up to 65% reduction in CapEx and up to 85% savings in OpEx and power consumption. And, you can deliver services in hours, not weeks, thus exceeding your competitors' abilities and your users' expectations.

We offer:

  • Packet Optical Solutions to maximize service delivery
    • Metro network aggregation and transport
    • Enterprise business services delivery
    • Fiber-based mobile backhaul
  • ROADM and Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM)
  • Optical LAN (Local Area Network)

Tellabs Optical Solution benefits

  • Deploy flexible, scalable infrastructure to meet any bandwidth needs so you can grow from simple low-cost "grey" optics into multi-terabit switches.
  • Easily accommodate a wide variety of service types natively with integrated SONET/SDH, Ethernet and OTN, as well as full SAN certifications.
  • Provide seamless transition from legacy services with comprehensive service interworking capabilities and a unique hybrid SONET/SDH ADM.
  • Provide Carrier Ethernet services with full MEF-certified Ethernet capabilities.
  • Achieve (better than six- nines) reliability with state-of-the-art monitoring, self-restoring and troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Meet the growing network challenges of your enterprise or government agency with an environmentally responsible, all-fiber Optical LAN solution
Optical Solutions at Tellabs
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Maximize service delivery at the lowest cost per bit Tellabs® Packet Optical
Combine fiber-access and optical network technologies for higher savings and security Tellabs® Optical LAN
Bring advanced optical technologies to deliver wavelength services Tellabs® Wavelength Services

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