What's far more efficient than traditional copper-based Ethernet LAN?

Fiber-based Optical LAN saves up to 70% of CapEx, 80% of energy, and 90% of space needs

Enterprises and government agencies require huge amounts of bandwidth to meet their communication needs. But as their network requirements increase, so do costs.

There is a growing trend to replace copper networks with fiber networks. A revolution in Optical Local Area Networking (Optical LAN) has begun, leveraging the cost, power, and space benefits of an all-fiber infrastructure. Compared to legacy copper Ethernet networks, Optical LAN is more reliable and secure, and it eliminates future infrastructure upgrades. The Tellabs Optical LAN solution is purpose-built for high-capacity, high-performance enterprise networks.

Tellabs Optical LAN, based on gigabit passive optical networking (GPON) technology, saves you up to 70% of CapEx, 80% of power requirements and 90% of space requirements. Our highly reliable and secure network delivers data, voice, and video services on one platform. And it's a green alternative to the traditional Ethernet LAN.

Optical LAN benefits

  • Significantly reduce capital and operating expenses
  • Lower power consumption and the thermal load impact on buildings
  • Increase the security of LAN communications
  • Meet green environmental goals and increase LEED accreditation levels
  • Experience long-term savings by future-proofing your network infrastructure
  • Free -up space in the data center and eliminate communications closets
  • Converge data, voice, and video services into a single solution
Comparing Traditional Ethernet LAN to Tellabs Optical LAN
Traditional LAN Tellabs Optical LAN
Medium Copper Fiber
Type Active Ethernet Passive Optical
CapEx Savings Up to 70%
Power Savings Up to 80%
Space Reduction Up to 90%
Bandwidth Utilization Efficiency As low as 69% Up to 95%
Security EMI radiation from copper is easy to tap into No EMI radiation; extremely high security
Hardware Costs Requires hardware (such as remote switches) and costly provisioning, maintenance and software licensing fees. Eliminates many costly hardware and maintenance requirements

Optical LAN at Tellabs
To... Use...
Converge voice, data, video and security services on a single platform Tellabs® 1100 Optical Line Terminals (OLTs)
Offer fiber to the desktop or workstation Tellabs® 1100 Optical Network Terminal (ONTs)
Save time and money while easily managing your broadband access products Tellabs® 1100 Panorama Manager

Get more bandwidth at a lower cost with Tellabs Optical LAN

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