Offer any enterprise service over wavelengths

Provision services in hours, instead of days

Network migration isn't just for service providers. Your enterprise customers are dealing with a mix of technologies — Ethernet, ATM, Frame Relay and more.

Now you can eliminate your customers' need to go out for bid every time they want to turn on a new service or transition to IP.

Tellabs® Wavelength Services make it easy to provision bandwidth and add new offerings. Your fast, flexible response keeps customers coming back for more.

Offering enterprise services over wavelengths is good for your business, too. Our platform takes advantage of deployed fiber and integrates advanced optical and service layers on one platform. That means fewer network elements to manage and reduced expenses.

We offer:

  • Optical wavelength and data services, including VPLS, Ethernet private line, low-latency wavelength and dedicated private network
  • Flexible and virtually unlimited bandwidth to carry services for multiple clients
  • Professional services to quickly roll out carrier-class optical networks to enterprise customers.

Wavelength services benefits

  • Rapidly turn up new enterprise services and locations. Provision services in hours instead of days, so customers don't have to put new services out for bid.
  • Increase competitiveness with flexible service-level agreements. Reliably handle a variety of your customers' traffic types with virtually unlimited bandwidth.
  • Simplify your network. Save up to 65% in capital expenses, 65% in power consumption and 85% in operating expenses compared with previous networks.
Wavelength services at Tellabs
To... Use...
Provide flexible, virtually unlimited bandwidth Tellabs® 7100 Optical Transport Series
Easily upgrade your SDH network with carrier-class Ethernet services and cost-effective WDM deployment Tellabs® 6300 Managed Transport System
Improve network performance while containing costs Tellabs® 8000 Intelligent Network Manager

Add wavelengths to your enterprise services

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