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We know you're busy. So we've designed a range of ways to access Tellabs training so you can increase productivity and improve job performance.

Training options
To... Use...
Get classroom training with a live instructor Classroom-Connect
Enable your staff to train at their own pace on the job through online training Self-paced
Get the hands-on experience of being in a Tellabs lab without the travel expenses Lab-Connect
Interact with a live instructor over the Web Remote-Connect

The optimal way to consume Tellabs training is to attend training at a Tellabs Training Center. We design Tellabs Training lab environments to simulate production networks, including Tellabs network management systems. Tellabs Training Centers are an environment where students can concentrate fully on the learning activities without the distractions of a typical workplace.

Tellabs also delivers training on-site using remote access to a Tellabs Training Center lab. Onsite training is led by Tellabs training professionals and includes hands-on exercises. Onsite training courses are supported by Tellabs Lab-Connect solution, which brings access to Tellabs Training labs to the students via the internet.

Tellabs Remote-Connect solution provides a virtual classroom environment where instructor and participants meet online to engage in an interactive training session. Tellabs Remote-Connect features training professionals presenting technical presentations with virtual white-board interaction. Hands-on exercises are supported by Tellabs Lab-Connect solution. Remote Connect provides an effective virtual classroom experience that minimizes scheduling delays and travel costs.

Tellabs self-paced web-based training option enables students to train at their own convenience and integrate training with other work commitments. Self-paced training is often integrated with a course curriculum to assist with completion of course prerequisites.

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