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Customers expect operators to deliver the latest services over a reliable network. Partnering with Tellabs training gets you the expertise you need to keep your customers happy.

Tellabs training advantage

  • Professional expertise: Experienced instructors conduct courses that are consistent in content and delivery. So your staff receives the same training, regardless of where or when they take the courses.
  • Commitment to quality: Our product training is TL 9000-compliant. To continuously improve our catalog, we conduct in-depth course assessments to gather detailed feedback on course content and delivery.
  • Flexible delivery options: You can choose from a variety of training delivery options, including self-paced or instructor-led training. We conduct training at any of our Training Centers or on-site at your premises, as well as through the web.
  • Tailored training options: Tellabs designs its courses modularly to facilitate tailored course content to meet your specific needs, including job-role-focused training.
  • Extensive training portfolio: We update our extensive course library frequently. Available courses range in scope from introductory product technology overviews to advanced training topics.
  • Customized training options: Custom-designed offerings are available, which includes the creation of course content specific to your unique needs.
  • Testing and Certification: Knowledge tests are available for all courses. In addition, Tellabs offers certification programs incorporating both knowledge tests and practical exams.

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