3 more must-have features for a true enterprise Passive Optical LAN

In my last blog, I demonstrated three key features (Bridging, Port Isolation and Port Security) needed to have a true enterprise Passive Optical LAN solution. I’m continuing this important topic this week and showing three more must-have features for a safe, secure and efficiently managed contemporary LAN.


Your LAN requires Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP).

  • LLDP allows for efficient management of all the thousands of Internet of Things (IoT) powered devices connected by gigabit Ethernet. LLDP automates the provisioning, monitoring, management and configuration of all the devices connected by Power over Ethernet (PoE). This is one of the ways Passive Optical LAN tames IoT’s complexity for your IT staff.

Your LAN must fully support E911 Solutions.

  • Your enterprise LAN voice services are not merely handsets connected to simple/legacy style voice switches – they utilize VoIP handsets that are handled by sophisticated Call Manager systems. It is imperative, for the safety of your employees and guests, that your LAN hardware and software effectively support emergency 911 solutions across your VoIP network.

Your LAN also needs to be able to Source Multicast Streams.

  • Your enterprise LAN must be able to both source multicast streams for surveillance cameras and handle multiple IP multicast-enabled VLANs on a single port. Only a true enterprise LAN system provides this ability for the safety and security of a modern enterprise. If multicast is not efficiently handled, traffic congestion occurs, then these critical security camera feeds will be dropped.

To learn all about True Enterprise Optical LAN Must-Have features, you can read our comprehensive white paper on the topic.


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