3 More Reasons To Favor Remote Powering Optical LAN ONTs: Safety, Savings And Synergies

As part of our ongoing blog series on remote powering, I will cover three (3) more reasons why remote powering of the ONT is favored by many of our valued integrators and our customers – you can view the first 3 reasons here.


The next reasons are based on positive safety contributions, money savings and synergy accelerators:


  • Safety – For fire and safety purposes, the National Electrical Code (NEC) has developed Class 2 specifications for using low voltage DC circuits (<60Vdc) for powering indoor devices. 48Vdc is the low voltage DC circuit needed to power the Optical LAN ONTs is considered safe relative to fire initiation and electrical shock.
  • Savings – Since Class 2 circuits are limited to 100 watts of power per circuit, the cables are not required to be run inside conduit and they can be installed less-expensive installers rather than licensed electricians. Both of these factors help lower installation costs.
  • Synergies – Bundling all these terrific benefits together, you now have a simple, cost-effective platform for energizing Wi-Fi, DAS, digital ceiling and all your Internet of Things (IoT) devices. In fact, in our Tellabs Optical LAN Sinclair Holdings Case Study we provide more details about how the Sinclair Building powers the building’s IP-enabled low voltage smart LED lighting, window shades, curtain motors, HVAC, WAPs and telephones.

To get more information about powering options with one of our knowledgeable integrations partner, you can visit our “Find a Partner” website resource to locate a qualified partner.


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