3 more reasons why Operational Efficiencies are Optical LAN customers’ favorites

In last week’s blog, I wrote that many of our customers have stated their greatest benefits of Optical LAN come from the operational efficiencies achieved with Tellabs™ Panorama™ PON Manager.


For example, one of our federal government customers said their IT staff struggled with operating their old copper-based LAN. The full-functioning workgroup switches scattered across their large campus monopolized their staff’s time because the switches required local touches to manage. With the centrally controlled Optical LAN, they now enjoy a 6-to-1 reduction in IT staff needed to perform the daily network, moves, adds, and changes. Not only did they save money – an 83% reduction by their calculation – but more importantly it helped shift their IT staff resources to more strategic projects. Better yet, with reduced human touches, they improved network security and reliability.


In the first blog, I covered how Tellabs Panorama PON Manager operational efficiencies are made possible by fast entry to User Management (Access Control), Global Profiles and PON Protection found in Panorama PON Manager Tool Bar.


Now I’ll cover in more detail the quick navigation to Port View, Equipment View and Alarm/Event View in Panorama PON Manager Application Bar.



Port View – The Port View application is used to assign uniformed profiles to ONTs. This is where consistent error-free information for PoE, RSTP, IGMP, and NAC, PAE and LLDP is captured. It’s also where you can enable and disable ports for strict security.


Equipment View – The Equipment View application offers a complete view of the entire network on one screen. From here you can perform fast drill-down troubleshooting. For example, an alarm can be followed from an icon at system level all the way to card specifics for quick problem identification and resolution.


Alarm and Event View – For real-time views of Alarms and Events, you can launch either the Alarm or Event View application for clear bright visibility to the network health through-out a whole building or across a sprawling campus. This provides a macro view across the entire end-to-end LAN for quick diagnostics and troubleshooting of alarms. It also provides alarm history and alarm filters (e.g. date, cause and severity).


Stay tuned for our final blog in this series when I’ll detail the easy access of Panorama PON Manager from desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone or the cloud.


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