4 Reasons Why Small Network Owners And Operators Gain Big With Tellabs Express 1131 Bundle

Owning and operating a modern, reliable and secure fiber-based IT network infrastructure just got easier. For businesses that demand contemporary IT technologies today and a graceful path forward for future IT demands, Tellabs is launching in a national news release today the Tellabs™ Express 1131 Passive Optical LAN (OLAN) bundle. With the release of the Tellabs Express 1131 bundle, small enterprise network owners and operators can take advantage of these four big benefits:


  1. Get started with Optical LAN via this compact, low priced and complete solution
  2. Balance IT staff, budget and technology constraints
  3. Satisfy today’s modern IT technologies with a simple, yet scalable, true enterprise solution
  4. Lay the foundation for the most efficient path forward to future IT demands of greater connection densities, speeds, security, and reliability

Tellabs 1131 Express bundle advantage is built on one low price, and one orderable part number, that delivers these eight key items:


  1. 1-year basic OLAN system software with key Advanced Operations software feature adds
  2. 1-year Tellabs™ Panorama™ Cloud Manager
  3. 1-year 24/7 Technical Assistance Center (TAC) support
  4. 1-year software subscription
  5. 1-year advanced replacement services for the Optical Line Terminal (OLT)
  6. One (1) compact Tellabs 1131 OLT
  7. Four SFP based G-PON ports and two copper 1GbE SFPs uplinks expandable to 24Gbps
  8. You choose fifty (50) Tellabs 140C ONTs (four GbE ports, all PoE enabled) or fifty (50) Tellabs 142R ONTs (four PoE GbE ports, two voice, one RF video)

You’re getting everything you need to get started with Tellabs OLAN and a jump start on the future of IT.  For one low price, you get the hardware, software, cloud-based management, and Tellabs outstanding support. This could be the easiest and best IT decision you will ever make.

For more information about the Tellabs Express 1131 bundle, please download our solution summary document


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